Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Barnes and Nobles Book Signing!

I will be doing a signing at Barnes and Nobles in Howell, NJ tomorrow March 15th at 6:00 p.m. I am very excited and hope to see a lot of people there!

Talking to the Students at Rosenower Elementary

Last month, a friend of mine asked if I would come into his school for their reading arts day. This is a day where people come in from all different types of professions and talk to the students about what they do at work every day. They had police officers, fire fighters, seeing eye dogs, and all sorts of interesting career spokesman at the school. I came in and was able to talk to three fifth grade classes and one fourth grade class about being an artist. I told the kids how I had gotten started on my path of being an illustrator. I have done so many different kinds of jobs from being a scenic painter and painting large scale sculptures to recently illustrating a children's book. I explained the process of creating a book and passed around my book dummy. It was just so amazing to see the look on the kids faces and how intrigued they were. My favorite moment was when I asked one class if they had any questions and one freckle faced little boy stuck his hand in the air and asked "Are you related to A Rod?" After smiling and responding a quick "No," I was still asked to sign his baseball cap. This proceeded to a wave of flailing raised hands in which I had to go around the room and sign my autograph to pencil cases, folders, and ripped pieces of looseleaf. It was an amazing day and one I will never forget. The look on their faces is what makes it all worth it, and I love my job.
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