Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Book Launch Party for ¡A Bailar! Was A Success!

I am so pleased with the turnout of my first book launch party. So many children came as well as many adults shopping for gifts for the holidays. Children had a great time getting their book signed, running over to get their faces painted and get a balloon animal. They were also able to make their own maraca at a craft table and then learn some salsa moves! It was a very exciting day and I don't think it could have been any better!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Finished Pet Portrait

Just finished this portrait for a private client.....I had a lot of fun with the bubbles! Place your portrait orders in now to get them for the holidays! Also I had my first book signing this weekend which turned out very well. Many people showed up and it turned out to be an amazing day. I'll be posting some pictures up soon.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Wonderful Friend Nicki!

I was so pleasantly surprised last night to find my dear friend Nicki dedicated a post to me on her blog. Nicki Fazio is a talented children's book illustrator herself. Nicki and I roomed in college together. There we would spend late nights in our senior studio motivating one another to push ourselves for just another hour while taking turns playing our favorite jams on our ipods. Nicki's work is full of life and joy through her beautiful pen and ink and watercolors. If you look closely at some of her work you can see that she does her gradient shading by a technique called stippling. This is where you create your shading using a small, very tiny, and quite meticulous I might add pattern of dots. This was not one of my favorite illustration lessons learned at the University of Hartford, although talented pen and ink artists like Nicki took this lesson and let it stride through her artwork. Ms. Fazio already has two published books under her belt and is now working on her third! Nicki is a Maine artist and her books include My Maine and Down East in the Ocean: A Maine Counting Book.

How is Maine special to you? Children and adults alike will be
delighted by a young girl’s answer to this question at "show and
tell." Join in on a real Maine adventure that follows her (and her stuffed moose!) in this beautifully illustrated book. Little Beach Books Publishing

This clever counting book from the award-winning authors of Keep the
Lights Burning, Abbie, combines rhyme with a fun exploration of Maine sea life. Each rhyming verse ingenio
usly portrays one of Maine's iconic sea creatures, from one seal and two whales to nine seagulls and ten lobsters. Children will be singing it to themselves and asking for it to be read to them again and again. DownEast Publishing.

In interesting tid bit about Nicki is that she is also a very skilled graphic designer. She has doen work in magazines and also even designed a label in a health food vending machine. You can view Nicki's portfolio and learn more about her through her website You can buy her books through, and if you do be sure to leave a review since this helps us illustrators increase our book sales, or you can buy it directly through her website which I recommend because she offers an autographed copy and gives you the option of a personalized message.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Book Launch Party for ¡A Bailar!/ Let's Dance!

Buy a copy here
I also revamped my website!!

See everyone at the book release party November 26th!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Bailar is Listed on Amazon!!

I just came across my book listing on Amazon, how exciting! You can currently preorder the book for the October 31st release date of this year!
Click here

Monday, June 6, 2011

New Painting!

This is a new painting I just completed for Arte Publico Press. It was a character concept for an upcoming picture book they will be releasing in 2012. Unfortunately I did not get this project but at least I did get a new portfolio piece out of it. It will be interesting to see what art they did choose for the book but I will have to wait until the book comes out.

Below is another concept I did for them right before my fire. This was one of the paintings I lost in the fire, but luckily saved my hard drive and with it a copy of the lost piece.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Here's to New Beginnings

Well just when i was getting into the full swing of things with illustration such as finishing and awaiting the release of my first book and working on a speculation for a possible second book, the unthinkable happened, the worst nightmare imaginable. Our whole apartment building burnt down. All of 16 units lost their homes and personal belongings. I stood in horror with my sister and our frightened cat as we watched across the street a fire spread throughout the whole building until it finally reached our apartment and ate everything we owned and loved, including my art. Luckily no one was injured in this fire, and to think it had started from one cigarette butt just two doors down. It was hard to cope the next few days thinking about all my paintings, supplies, and computer with any trace of artwork saved to my hard drive was now nothing but ash, or so I at least thought. With the help of my amazing friends and family to help my sister and I get through this mess we were able to revisit what was left of our apartment a few days later to try and salvage anything we possibly could. I was just hoping to save my artwork, after all everything else could be replaced with time, but the sketches my college work, my recent published pieces, they were in the building. Even the firework scratchboard piece I had made in second grade, the one I won third place in a huge regional competition, the reason I wanted to be an artist, was standing in it's frame with it's ribbon last seen on my nightstand next to my bed.

I entered our old beat up apartment with the help of the firemen. I saw that the roof had collapsed onto most of our belongings. The fire destroyed most of my clothes, and all of my shoes. But I had just crossed my fingers when I made way to the closets where my art was kept. My eyes teared when the fireman pulled out the Jerry's Artorama bags I had my stacks of paintings in. I had discovered that some of my recent pieces on top were warped and the edges were dirty with soot and debris, but they were still there in my hands existing. When the fireman asked if there was anything in specific I wanted him to search for I knew there may be a chance I could save my second grade masterpiece. He climbed over what was left of my bed and pieces of roof, broken glass, and ash and there it was delicate and in a broken frame: my first piece of artwork that ever meant something to me. I was ecstatic because now I had my artwork it wasn't all lost I still had something with me to call myself an artist.
Months went by and my very dear friends threw a fundraiser for my sister and I which helped fund our furniture and new clothes. My amazing college friends formed a collection to help me get a new laptop so I can finally write about all of this to you. Art school friends sent me loose art supplies in the mail to help me get started. Even people I have never met saw me on the news and sent me gift cards to help us get through this and to start all over. My heart goes out to these amazing people, it is through times like these that we see the good in people and I can't thank them all enough.
Finally in an all new even nicer apartment my sister and I have started picking up the pieces. Yes our apartment lacks some decor and wall ornaments but we will get there. I still need just about every art supply I have ever owned, but I have the computer and purchased a new printer to get started on some new promotional postcards. My hands ache to hold a paintbrush again, but I hope soon I will because that is finally next on the list now that the living necessities have been attended to. So here's to new beginnings, new art work, and yes finally a long awaited new postcard.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pet Portrait Pricing

I have been getting a few calls lately about the pricing of my pet portraits so I figured it was a good idea to post my price list to my blog:

Here is my pricing for a pet portrait for one pet with a background of your choice (such as this one):
8”x 10” - $300.00 9”x 12” - $350.00
11”x 14” - $400.00 14”x 18” - 450.00
16”x 20” - $500.00 18”x 24” - $600.00

For each additional pet it would be an extra $65 so an 8" X 10" would be $365, a 9"x 12" would be $415, and so forth. I require a 50% deposit up front and the client can pay the rest upon delivery of the painting.

Long awaited update!!!

Sorry I have been so busy the past few months I have neglected my blog!!! I have been working on my first picture book ¡A Bailar! and handed in the final paintings at the end of November. It is written by Judith Ortiz Cofer and will be published by Arte Público Press's children's division, Piñata Books and is scheduled to release October 30th of this year!! The very first thing I did when I painted that last stroke, put down the paint brush, and rubbed my sleepy eyes was scatter all my paintings on a table and take this picture. "Whoa I did it," I said with a big sigh of relief, "my first book, all finished."

I have also been working on a few paintings recently for a possible new project I will hopefully have some details on that in the near future.
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