Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Color Me: Hedgehog

Did you know you can have a hedgehog as a pet? Want to learn more about these funny prickly animals? Click here. Print and color in this coloring page and send it to me at as a jpeg or pdf and I'll post it on my blog! Happy Coloring!! For more Coloring pages click here.


Maria Doering said...

have been following your blog for a while! Super cool! :) I actually have a hedgehog as a pet! :) Her name is Nuffnuff and she is SUPER fabulous!
All the best!

Christina Ann Rodriguez said...

Aww thanks Maria!! Nuffnuff is so cute!! :o) Hope all is well!!!

chris-melchior said...

Nice picture! Interesting to know that people keep hedgehogs as pets, although I must admit they're not for me . . . I've seen them for sale as pets in Thailand too even though I don't think they're native there.

I just like looking at them :)


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