Friday, June 12, 2009

Piggy Wiglet Edited

Here is Piggy Wiglet fixed up a little bit. I added more back to mama cow which I do think helps lead your eye right to Piggy. I put a hill at the bottom of the barn so that the perspective looks like your looking up at the hill. Piggy's back leg has a little bit more curve, and I also lightened up the grass. I think it looks better. What does everyone else think?


AWells said...

This is such a nice illustration! Its so much fun and I love that the piggy is just doing his own thing. How did the conference recieve it?

Christina Ann Rodriguez said...

Pretty good...Some people just thought I should I fix the bottom of the barn so that it looked like it was resting on the hill and to fix the back of mama cow which I did and this is the revised version. I think the revisions make it work better.

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