Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pet Portraits at Paws and Pose

I just finished another pet portrait, this time of my shih tzu Zoey. It will be hanging in the pet boutique Paws and Pose located in Pier Village in Long Branch, NJ. The store is kind enough to let me hang my painting in order to refer customers wishing to have a personalized painted pet portrait. The store does a great deal of work in photography but occasionally someone will come by and wish to have a memento of a deceased loved one. To see this painting in person please visit the shop.

If you wish to have a pet portrait of your own, you need not live in NJ! All I need you to do is email a nice selection of photos to me of your pet. A good photo would be where your pet is taking up most of the picture plane. (See photos I took of Zoey below.) If you don't have a photo of the exact pose or setting you wish to have your pet portrait in, no need to worry I have creative versatility and can work around these things to make a painting you'll be pleased to hang on your wall! The pricing varies from sizing, number of pets in a painting, what you wish to have in the background, etc. Email me at mail@crodillustration to get an estimate. Each painting would take at least two weeks if not longer depending on scheduling and how busy I am with any other projects at the time. I also do children!

You would be very lucky to get one perfect picture of your pet, so sometimes it is easiest to combine 2 or more images to get the perfect reference. For the painting of Zoey I used the body from the photo on the left and the head from the photo on the right.

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