Sunday, February 15, 2009

Healing Magic Now Available, Buy Your Copy Now!

Healing Magic is now available to buy through Amazon and select book stores. Buy your copy here!
Book Description:
A magical boy's coming of age journey evolved into a dangerous quest to defeat an evil mage. Blessed with the gift of magic, when Narle turned fifteen he followed tradition and for one turn of the moon ventured into the desert on his own to learn, grow, and explore his magical talent. His simple journey took a dangerous turn when Narle and his horse Storm stumbled onto a horrible scene-the burning remnants of a caravan, with one lone survivor under attack by a flock of hungry Doomflyers. Narle joined the bloody battle and together they defeated the creatures, though he was injured in the process. He discovered the other teen also possessed a natural gift when Laan healed his wounds. He also discovered the reason for the marauder's attack-a small piece of cargo that Laan's parents had kept hidden. The two teens set out to rescue Laan's parents and the other caravan members, but the prospect of facing the Misty Mauraders wasn't their only obstacle. Constantly pursued by a strange, destructive force, their greatest challenge lay ahead. Could the pair harness enough of their own magic to defeat a powerful, evil mage?

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