Monday, January 26, 2009

AHH I haven't posted in so Long!

I am over due for an update! I am happy to say I joined a fantastic critique group. It has a lot of energy and constant motivation flow. Everyone is so helpful and there is such a unique and diverse style to everyone's work as well as their experiences. Through this critique group we are in the process of starting up a Showcase of all of our work as well as some other fabulous illustrators that would like to post. Hopefully every week we will be posting new illustrations and once we officially go live will be sending the link to editors, art directors, schools, and other organizations. Just a little tool to help with exposure. Lately I have found myself in a bit of a creative funk and really need to get the ball rolling with new ideas. I have a sketch due soon for the second cover of the Desert Magic Series written by Cindy Davis and John Richters and would like to "bust out" a new portfolio piece, possible postcard before that. I am also waiting to hear back on a publisher about a possible book contract, more on that later. I will also be sending out a newsletter sometime in the near future so if you are not already signed up feel free to do so by submitting your email address on the right of this page!

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