Monday, November 10, 2008

NJ SCBWI Illustrator's Day

I was able to go to an Illustrator's Day in Princeton yesterday. My favorite part was having my most recent piece critiqued by other members in the field and by Patrick Collins, art director for Henry Holt Books for Young Readers. I am pretty happy with the results and the reaction Patrick had to my piece. I was also given the opportunity to have Laurent Linn give me a in depth portfolio critique. He was so helpful and pointed out what was good and bad about almost every piece I had. I really know what I have to work on now and have a clear vision of what I need to do when I create new pieces so I can slowly work on weeding out the weaker pieces. I also loved that I was able to browse through other members portfolios. I recognized some work through and am so happy I was able to meet their maker! I saw many familiar faces from previous conferences and love how everyone is just so friendly! Overall a wonderful day and I can not wait until the next one. I give major props to Leeza Hernandez for making this all happen! Here is my finished assignment. I also brought the preliminary sketches I had posted a few posts ago.

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