Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Some things are cookin'

I have a few prospects cookin' up, although it is too soon to speak of just yet. I also have a conference coming up soonish which I am excited about for the New Jersey Chapter of SCBWI. This is the first time that I will go to a conference and have to bring a preassigned illustration! I miss those critiques in college. It was so exciting to see that when given the same assignment, endless solutions may arise and in so many colors and styles! So stay tuned!! :)

P.S. Wonderful author/ illustrator Elizabeth Dulemba posted a very entertaining blog contest yesterday. She gave four spots from her various books illustrating her dog Bernie's many appearances in her stories and asked bloggers to figure out which spot came from what book. Well I won and I am going to get a signed copy of Paco and the Giant Chile Plant!!!

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Anthony VanArsdale said...

Hey, congrats on winning Dulemba's contest! and keep us up to date on the prospects! :)

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