Friday, August 29, 2008

Character's Contest Winner's Issue Cover

I just completed the cover to what will be the contest's winners issue of Character's Magazine. I am excited to see it all printed up and I hope the kids will get a kick out of it!


Kelly Light said...

This looks great -I love his chin in hand- he's very serious! Thanks for stopping by over at my blog!The new job's got my head spinning. I love your mini golf sculpts too! - great to see you outside of the scbwi board.

Anthony VanArsdale said...

This is a wonderful illustration Christina! the detail in the scales is great... is this acrylic? I love the textures in your work and way you paint fur!

and thank you very much for the kind words at my blog... I've linked to yours as well! :)


Christina Ann Rodriguez said...

Thank you Kelly and Anthony for your kind words!

...and funny you ask if it is acrylic bc I actually get asked that a lot. I paint in oils but use a lot of layering and glazing so it does have that acrylic look to it in the end, but I love how I can move around paint and cover up mistakes much easier than in acrylic!

Anthony VanArsdale said...

I was going to say oils but when I looked again, I thought 'no that looks like acrylic'... amazing!

thompsty said...


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