Thursday, October 26, 2017

Some more of The Big Bong Boo!

I nearly forgot I had a blog!

It's been so very long since I wrote any kind of blog post! I have been keeping busy and am finally now a full time artist! To keep the money coming in I opened up a paint party business. All my paint parties are travel so I don't have the overhead of studio rent and bills. I have my regular restaurants that I go to one a month to host a paint party. I also have been doing quite a few adult communites and visit their clubhouses seasonally. To fill in the space in between word of mouth has spread and I very often do private parties in peoples homes for adults and children's parties. It's been keeping me quite busy, you have to be your own promoter, marketer, accountant, teacher, customer service representative and I still like to have dinner on the table for my newly married husband! Unfortunately it kept me away from illustrating for a little while, but now I am back and just also completed my third book! This one is a self published book and I hope I will get to see my illustrations bounded with the cover soon! The author plans to pursue publishing companies with it and I am not sure where you will be able to purchase it just yet. I just sent the paintings in to him and when I find out what happens next I will be sure to let everyone know! 

Some additionally exciting news was that I also just finished applying to go back to school. I am seeking my Masters in Fine Art back at my undergraduate school University of Hartford. The program there allows me to mostly work from home and visit for a couple weeks at a time for intensive workshops. If I get in I will also be able to travel to four cities and study workshops under very well known and successful illustrators. I hope I get in so I can master my craft and really become the best artist I can possibly be! With an MFA I will also have the opportunity to teach college level artists. Owning my own paint party business really helped me believe that I can teach people how to become better artists. These parties usually attract individuals who do not believe they have any artist knowledge but after taking my class I help them believe that they do! I walk them through my steps and explain how to take control of your paint brush and show them techniques to making textures and patterns on a simple canvas painting. I would love to take this teaching to the next level and teach people how to become an illustrator. Also a regular income working as an illustrator professor sounds pretty nice! But first I must master my craft by going back to school and get some bigger clients so that I can bring this knowledge to a college classroom. Wish me luck! Not sure when I'll be finding out if I made it in but if I do classes won't start until Summer Term of 2018. Hopefully I won't have to wait too long though because I will have to apply for financial aid and search for any scholarships that I qualify for.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Come to my Book Signing Event!!!

Children's Book Signing Event!! Free Entry!! 

Saturday, November 14th 1pm-5pm 
145 Country Club Drive, Lakewood, NJ 08701

Come meet the illustrator of the book "I Want to be a Bald Eagle", Christina Ann Rodriguez!! You will have a chance to see some of the original artwork from the book up close! She will also be doing a reading and children will have the chance to purchase the book, have it signed by the artist, and have the chance to have their picture taken with Heather the Eagle herself (mascot costume...not a live eagle!).  

Other activities also include transforming yourself into a bald eagle (just like Heather does in the book) with our professional face painting artist and constructing your own set of wings at the arts and crafts table. 

Christina will also have original art, prints, and hand painted wine glasses for sale for the grown ups!!

Don't miss this event!!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Check Out My New Website

I have an all new website! It's easier to navigate and this time it looks much better on mobile devices. I also added a tab for My Tipsy Painting Party which included tickets for upcoming events!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

***Tipsy Painting Party***

All new Tipsy Painting Party at Maggie's Underground on Tuesday June 16th from 7-9!!!!! 
I'll be hosting a step by step workshop on how to paint your very own painting. And what's better? You can sip on some cocktails while you learn!!! Tickets are $30. You can purchase them through the banquet department of Maggies. Ask for Courtney (732) 363-8124 x10
145 Country Club Drive, Lakewood, Nj 08701

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Crazy Past Few Months!

Well the past few months have been jam packed with projects! I did 24 paintings in 35 days!(as I heave over panting like I just finished a race but give you all two thumbs up!!)  I can hardly believe it myself! I received my first job with my agent, which was such a fun project. I was asked to do a short story reader about Dr. Dolittle. This was also exciting because I had the perfect job to ask my soon to be hubby to put his modeling skills to the test.

 copyright 2015 Seed Media
While completing that I had to finish my paintings for my new book coming out this summer called I Want to be a Bald Eagle. I am very happy with the way both jobs came out, and so were the clients… "fabulous" was one of the words they used (awesome!!!). The publisher that I did Dolittle for even asked me later that night to do another reader for them, this time about a murder mystery…something totally different than I have ever done before. I'm also planning to have a big release party for the Eagle book some time this Fall.
copyright Capstone Publishing 2015

And today I finished a book cover I've been working on for a self publisher. I still have to do 5 black and white interior half pages for her.
copyright Ty Davis 2015

Also it looks like I'll be starting my own sip wine and paint workshop at the restaurant that I work. Still coming up with names, so stay tuned on that!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Monday, October 27, 2014

New Illustration

I just finished my latest illustration  for my new book I Want to Be a Bald Eagle. Here it is!
copyright 2014 Capstone Publishing

Friday, October 10, 2014

I Have an Agent!!!

So this week was very exciting!! I signed with an agent! I will now be represented by Wendy Lynn & Co.!!!! I'm so happy and hope this just leads to great and amazing things!! I'm just going to keep plugging away and climbing that ladder. :)
Wendy Lynn & Co.

Friday, September 26, 2014

New Publishing Contract!

I received some very exciting news this week! I was emailed by the senior designer of Capstone Publishing to illustrate a new title due out in both the educational and trade markets Fall of 2015!  I was excited to hear that they found me on It's crazy how I have been advertising on that site for about 5 years, even taking a two year hiatus at one point, but then thought to give it another try since some other people have had some success. The price to renew went up $150 but there must have been a reason because I received a job from Heinemann Publishing and now this one from Capstone this year. I guess I made the right decision to give it another try! Keep checking back for updates!
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